A unique gesture by KTC


Krishnan Tennis Centre conducted the 18th Annual Turbo Energy Markers Tennis Tournament from 23rd to 29th March, 2014. Markers tennis tournament. A unique tournament as it gives a chance for the markers, who are the indispensable part of tennis, to show their mettle in their own court. The markers are being honoured at the Krishnan Tennis Centre, OMR, Chennai with good prize money and trophies at the annual Tennis tournament conducted in March.

It is a unique and great gesture on the part of the Krishnan Tennis Centre in promoting markers as this tournament has been conducted continuously for the past 18 years and the family of the markers are being honoured. Markers are very eager to participate in this tournament and every year directly entry is given to the top performers of the previous year’s tournament. Senior markers are given opportunities and KTC gives enough opportunities for the budding players to prove their talents.

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