Bertram Memorial Tournaments

S6400151Bertram Tournament
The prestigious and popular Bertram Tournaments starts from 15th August 2015.

Bertram Tournaments include Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis Tennis, Tennis Ball Badminton and Chess.

The tournaments commence on 15.8.2015 and the Entries close on 05.08.2015. Tournaments are open to all colleges and universities. 2. The Prizes are: a) A Shield or Cup is presented to the winning team and the institution of the team shall be responsible for its safe custody and must return it to the Principal, Loyola College, Chennai, on request. b) Individual Cups or Medals, Certificates, Prize money are awarded to the winners and runners-up in various games. Prize money : c) Basketball and Volleyball 1st Place ` 25,000 2nd Place ` 20,000 3rd Place ` 15,000 4th Place ` 10,000 d) Ball Badminton 1st Place ` 20,000 2nd Place ` 15,000 3rd Place ` 10,000 4th Place ` 5,000 e) Tennis, Table Tennis, Chess 1st Place ` 10,000 2nd Place ` 5,000


Bertram Tournament Bertram Tournament

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