CFG’s Beach Cookout & Potluck


For the foodies by the foodies!

No fees to participate!

It was an event to meet like minded foodies from CFG and beyond that it was just to have an awesome time.

Participants brought food to EAT/ COOK.

With playing of an acoustic instrument by one of the participants, the atmosphere was super charged and the event went on well with everyone enjoying the get-together by sharing food which they brought along.

The sponsors Weber provided all the well lit grills which helped those manning it and worked like a charm.

Mr.Mohamed Ali and the team organized the show very well and it was nice to see lots of volunteers worked as a team and made the event an enjoyable one. It looks like a gathering like this will pick up momentum with active participation from more people as the idea of meeting and interacting with different kinds of people with sharing a variety of food on an informal basis is a kind of unwinding in comfort.

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