Elite Super Sixes 2015

Elite Super Sixes 2015

Elite Super Sixes 2015


The tournament Elite Super Sixes will be conducting their annual indoor cricket tournament from 10th December to 19th December 2015 at Netz Cricket, Citi Centre top floor, Mylapore, Chennai. The matches were conducted from 8 pm to 2 am in the early morning.

A few Salient Features of the Tournament are as under:

1. Indoor cricket to be played under flood light.

2. Eight Teams to compete against each other for the Title, all teams are from Rajasthani Background.

3. The tournament is scheduled From 12th December to 20th December at the Roof Top of the Chennai Citi Center.

4. Media Partner for the Event is “The New Indian Express”.

5. The Format of the Event will be the Same as that of IPL, where in the top 4 Qualify to compete for the Title.

Teams participating in this tournaments

3.RYA Metro star
4.RYA Cosmo Elite
5.RCC Platinum
6.RCC Diva
7.RCC Magnum

About RYA Cosmo Elite

RYA Cosmo Elite , is an extension of RYA Cosmo ,Chennai which is affiliated to Rajasthan Youth Association Chennai. RYA Cosmo Elite is being formed to further strengthen the brotherhood among young Rajasthanis living in Chennai and society at large .

RYA Cosmo Elite is coming up with “INDOOR Cricket Tournament” to be played under flood lights at the Roof top of the Chennai Citi Center, named as, “BATHCAFF presents Elite Super Sixes 2014″.

Madrazbuzz will be covering all the matches that are going to be played from 10th December 2014 to 19th December 2015. The photos along with a report containing scores will be published next day and the videos of all the matches will be added to the page later.

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