GRCA- Madrazbuzz Trophy 17th feb M2

GRCA- Madrazbuzz Trophy 17th feb M2

17th Feb 2018
Venue: ACL Scope Ground, Kovalam, Chennai
Open tournament
Overs: 30 overs per side

Match between Freshworks and Eswar CA

Toss won by Freshworks and elected to bat

Freshworks scored 168 runs for 8 wickets in 30 overs

Sam Kingsley scored 37 runs
Sandeep scored 21 runs
Srinivasan scored 22 runs
Deepak scored 23 runs
Chinraj got 2 wickets for 29 runs in 6 overs
Narasimha Shenoy got 4 wickets for 21 runs in 6 overs
Munirathinam got 2 wickets for 33 runs in 6 overs

Eswar CA scored 169 runs for 9 wickets in 30 overs

Aswin scored 32 runs
Bharanidharan scored 47 runs
Lokeshwaran scored 20 runs

Eswar CA won the match by 1 wicket

Man of the match – Narasimha Shenoy

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