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Event Name: PEDAL HUNT
Venue: from Fashion Fort, Velachery to BSA, OMR
Start Time : 4:00 PM,
Date: 27 Jun 7:00 PM,
Hosted by LD Entertainments will be conducted on June 27th 2015
Rate of the registration: 700 INR
Rate of renting cycles:
Normal cycles: 300 INR
Gear cycles: 350 INR

for more details please contact 9989755911

About the Event

The PEDAL HUNT, a cycling event organized for raising funds for the education of underprivileged children for the NGO – BHUMI, by LD
Entertainments.. This event involves a team of 2 and 3 cyclists decrypting the clues to find their next checkpoint. There are going to be
twelve checkpoints of which each team has to crack ten checkpoints to be the winner. The clues will be in the form of a riddle or a puzzle.
Once the team solves the puzzle they get a stamp and the clue, using which they can move on to the next point where their clue leads them.
The cyclist who fail to crack the clues and in short of time can directly reach the end point. Each team will be given the emergency
assistance number to connect to in times of need, but it is to be noted that the team needs to make sure that the entire team reaches every
checkpoint and in case a cyclist encounters a medical emergency they can report the helpline and let the organizers know that the cyclist
will not makeup to the next checkpoint because of the terms of the game.
The event is happening on 27th June 2015 from Just Buy Cycles/Fashion Fort Velachery to OMR.
The event starts from JUST BUY CYCLES/ FASHION FORT,VELACHERY at 3pm after the inaugural ceremony. Then ends at BSA,OMR around 7pm.


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