R.K Trophy Tournament by Eswar Cricket Academy

Eswar Cricket Academy is conducting the under-15 R.K Trophy Tournament

Venue: Reddy’s Ground, Santhoshapuram, Chennai.

There will be 5 teams and each team will have 4 League matches. The top two teams will contest the finals.

League stage matches : 30 overs per side.

First 7 overs consist of Mandatory Powerplay, whereby only 2 fielders are allowed outside the 30 yard circle.

Overs 8 to 30 are the non Powerplay overs, whereby a minimum of 4 fielders have to be inside the 30 yard circle.

All no balls will involve a free hit off the next delivery.

After every match, a total of 5 awards will be given for the best individual performances :

1. Man of the match

2. Best bowler of the match

3.Best batsman of the match

4.Best fielder of the match

5. Maximum boundaries scored by one player in the match.

Dates: Group Matches: 29th April to 6th Mayv2016

Elite C.A
King Star C.A
Prahlad C.A
Eswar C.A
Date Time Match between
Friday 29-4-2016 Match 1 : 7:30 am Eswar C.A vs Prahlad C.A
  Match 2 :12.30 PM Elite C.A vs C.C.A
Monday 2-5-2016 Match 3 : 7.30am Eswar C.A vs King Star C.A
  Match 4 : 12.30pm Elite C.A vs Prahlad C.A
Tuesday 3-5-2016 Match 5: 7.30am Elite C.A vs King Star C.A
  Match 6: 12.30pm Prahlad C.A vs C.C.A
Wednesday 4-5-2016 Match 7: 7.30 am Prahlad C.A vs King Star C.A
  Match 8: 12.30 pm Eswar C.A vs C.C.A
Thursday 5-5-2016 Match 9: 7.30am Eswar C.A vs Elite C.A
  Match 10:12.30pm King Star C.A vs C.C.A
Friday 6-5-2016: Finals  

Details about the final :

The match will begin at 7:30 am. It will be a 50 overs match. A new ball will be provided at both ends, so one innings will involve 2 new balls.
By 3.30 pm, the Prize Distribution Ceremony will take place.
3 super subs allowed per team in each match. There will be no changes in the fixtures.
Cut-off date for players : 1-9-2000
(one player alone with cutoff date 1-4-2000 is allowed)
The entry fee for each team as a whole for this tournament is Rs.15000.
For other questions or queries, please contact :
Eswar Cricket Academy @
9944137361 or 8807212921.

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