Spinners Camp at Cricket Drome

In the sport of cricket, throwing, commonly referred to as chucking, is an illegal bowling action which occurs when a bowler straightens their arm when delivering the ball. The Laws of Cricket specify that a bowler’s arm must not extend during the bowling action. Only the rotation of the shoulder can be used to impart velocity to the ball. Throws are not allowed. If the umpire deems that the ball has been thrown, he will call a no ball which means the batsman cannot be given out from that delivery. Current regulations of the International Cricket Council (ICC) set the legal limit of 15 degrees of permissible straightening of the elbow joint for all bowlers in international cricket. This law applies between the point at which the bowling arm passes above shoulder height and the point at which the ball is released. The limit is to allow some natural flexing of the elbow joint which happens during the course of legal delivery.

The charge of ‘throwing’ against a bowler is one of the most serious and controversial that can be made in cricket, as a bowler with an illegal action cannot dismiss a batsman. This means the player cannot effectively participate in the game, and may not be selected again without significant change to the way they bowl. (COURTESY: http://en.wikipedia.org)

Perfect bowling action, suspected bowling action, proper action, chucking,illegal bowling action, throwing were the topics discussed and demonstrated by Mr.L.Sivaramakrishnan,former Indian spinner who represented India at a very young age of 17 years.

Video analysis of bowling for young players was conducted by Mr.L.Sivaramakrishnan and the young players were given corrections and guidance. This camp was conducted from 4th December to 6th December 2014 at Cricket Drome.



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