TNBL 2014 at Vijaya Forum Mall 28th May 14 matches


TNBL started on a grand scale on 28th May 2014 with four teams – JHAVER SMASHERS ,ED6 SKILLANGELS,CHENNAI SINGAMS and F2 ERODE EAGLES competing with each other. The finals is on Saturday the 31st May 2014. Jhaver Smashers took the lead by winning 4 of the 5 matches in the first session. In the second session, Skill Angels took the lead by winning 4 out of 5 matches.

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Results of todays Matches

First Session – Jhaver Smashers Vs. Chennai Singams

1.Mixed Doubles won by Jhaver Smashers
2. Women’s Singles won by Chennai Singams
3. Men’s Singles won by Jhaver Slashers
4.Women’s Doubles won by Jhaver Slashers
5.. Men’s Doubles won by Jhaver Slashers

Second Session – Skill Angles Vs. Erode Eagles

1.Mixed Doubles won by Skill Angles
2. Women’s Singles won by Skill Angles
3. Men’s Singles won by Skill Angles
4.Women’s Doubles won by Erode Eagles
5. Men’s Doubles won by Skill Angles

The teams consists of players with national and international rankings in Badminton. There was an auction on Monday the 26th May 2014 and the 4 teams selected the players based on an open auction at the Vijaya Forum Mall.

The teams and their respective players are


Thomas Rouxel(FRA)SR-77,Oliver(NZ)IDR-50,Alwin Francis(IND)IDR- 78 ,Dhanya Nair(IND)IDR-146 ,Mohitha Sachdev(IND) IDR-146 ,Neha Pandit(ind)Nr-9 ,Jaqueline Rose(ind)Isr-179 , Benette Antony(IND) NdR-10 ,Bjorn Seguin(USA)IdR-101.


Shubhankar Dey(IND)ISR- 96, Freek Golinski(Bel)IDR-56,Nikolaj Overgaard(DEN) IDR- 64,Aarti Sara Sunil(IND)IDR-78 ,Tara Pilven(AUs)Isr-104,Saili Rane(IND)Isr-70 ,Suneri(IND) NR ,Ajay Kumar(IND) Isr-232, Vijay Aloisius (IND)NR


Brice Leverdez(FRA)IDR-54 , Nicolas Nohr(DEN) IDR-54, Kevin(NZ) IDR-50 , Prajaktha Sawant(IND) IDR-78, Kate Foo Kune(Mau) Isr-132, Sayali Gokhale(ind) Isr-134 , Keerthana(ind) NR , Manikandan M R(ind) NR , Oscar Bansal(ind) Nsr-15


Lucas Corve(FRA) ISR-63, Nandagopal Kadambari(IND) NDR-5 ,Suraj PH(IND) NDR-10, Sikki Reddy(IND) ISR-87 ,Riya Pillai(IND)ISR-188,Mudra Danerji(IND) IDR-172, Vaishnavi Iyer (IND) NR, Hema Nagendra(IND) NDR-5, Abhimanyu Singh(IND) ISR – 211

ISR- International Singles Rankings
IDR- International Doubles Rankings
NSR- Natrional Singles Rankings
NDR- National Doubles Rankings
NR- National Ranked Player

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