TNPL update – Dindigul says ‘Ithu Neruppu da’

TNPL update – Dindigul says ‘Ithu Neruppu da’

This team says ‘Ithu Neruppu da’

Chennai: The Dindigul franchise got off to a fiery start as they bagged star Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin at the Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL) player draft. Dindigul franchise owner, HR Srinivasan was stoked that Ashwin was still available in the first round of the draft as they were only the seventh team to pick. He said, “We are so delighted with our team, by and large we have got whatever we wanted. Also we choose Dindigul as we will be able to ramp up a lot of local support and the fans can look forward to a lot of campaigns.” Other players that the team is pleased with are Murugan Ashwin and their U-19 boys as well as Arul Mozhi.

Dindigul will also have the added advantage of being only one of the home teams hosting the matches. He says, “We will have a huge advantage having a home ground and the local support.” The Dindigul Dragons also put in a lot of thought into their logo and wanted something that was east facing as well as represented the fiery side of the team.” Fans will relate most though to their tagline of ‘Neruppu da’ and Mr Srinivasan felt that it was rather timely and that fans would relate to it strongly.


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