TNPL update – Kancheepuram Team COO Bharath Kumar Interview

TNPL update – Kancheepuram Team COO Bharath Kumar Interview

Our first choice was Indarjit and we got him, says Bharath Kumar

Chennai: K Bharath Kumar, COO Kancheepuram was extremely happy after the TNPL player draft. Mr Kumar said, “We are very happy, we have worked out a lot of permutations and combinations and we had decided in advance not to go for the big names but to concentrate on the youngsters. In fact one of our youngsters, Pradosh Ranjan Paul, has scored two double centuries in five innings for his team.”

The Kanchi Warriors hope to be the next Chennai, producing champions galore from the Kancheepuram stables. In fact the team had done their homework thoroughly before the player draft and even conducted cricket trials to help them choose great prospects. He says, “We have managed to pick three players from the trials that we watched. As a team we will also be going to schools and colleges in order to promote cricket at the grass-root level.” He signs off by saying that the team’s vision is to win and to give 150% in the first edition.


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