TNPL update – KS Viswanathan, Honorary Secretary TNCA Interview

TNPL update – KS Viswanathan, Honorary Secretary TNCA Interview

It is TNCA’s duty to provide the players with the best professional tournament: KS Viswanathan

KS Viswanathan, Honorary Secretary of the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA), spoke after the Player Draft. He was speaking about the Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL).

Excerpts from the conversation:
On the draft:

The positives were that all eight franchises were very well prepared. Having local boys as team coaches will help as they are well conversant with current cricketers. Tamil Nadu is a state with great passion for cricket. All eight teams were very well prepared (for the player drafts) and we finished ahead of schedule. We should have a very competitive league. Duty of the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) is to give players the best professional tournament which will help them.

On the new venues:
You will be surprised to see that Natham (a venue for the TNPL) is already a good well laid out turf wicket with all facilities — lights and amenities provided. All facilities are there for the media at Natham (Dindigul) and Tirunelveli — which is one of the best grounds in the state as well. You will see the difference at Tiruneveli as well with the ground resembling, at least 60-70 percent, Chepauk.

On organising the league:
In terms of organising, we are having a franchise workshop, which will deal with administrative part like anti-corruption and ant-doping. As for the logistical part of it, we will educate staff to decide and help them be pro-active and see to it that the best of facilities are provided from the administrative side as well.


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