TNPL update – Madurai Team Jinnah Rafiq Interview

TNPL update – Madurai Team Jinnah Rafiq Interview

District Rivalry Will be Strong, says D Dhayanidhi

Chennai: D Dhayanidhi, owner of the Madurai franchise of the Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL), is looking forward to the rivalry between districts.

Mr Dhayanidhi said, “This is the first time that there is going to be rivalry between districts in Tamil Nadu so I feel it will be very successful.” He also explained his team’s decision to pick more players from the districts than the cities. “We want our youngsters to grow. We would also like to groom players, conduct more tournaments in order to find new talent and find the potential in our home-grown players,” he said.

The team strategy was very clear from the start which is why the first player they picked was KB Arun Karthik. “Arun Karthik is a very promising player already. We worked out a plan to pick out an all-round player first. We knew most team would opt for big players first but with Karthik we have a captain, wicketkeeper and batsman all rolled into one,” Mr Dhayanidhi explained. His long-term goal for the franchise, though, is to identify district players who can become as successful as Murali Vijay or Dinesh Karthik. Simply put, he wants youngsters to grow in stature, excel in the TNPL and eventually go on to play for Team India.


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