TNPL update – Tiruvallur Team Owner VB Chandrasekhar Interview

TNPL update – Tiruvallur Team Owner VB Chandrasekhar Interview

Focus is on youth for Tiruvallur, says VB Chandrasekhar

Chennai: Former India batsman, VB Chandrasekhar said that his vision, as an owner of the Tiruvallur team at the Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL), is to train young cricketers for the future. Speaking on the sidelines of the TNPL Player Draft, Chandrasekhar said, “I have an academy and in the long run, I would like to train young T20 cricketers. You will find at least two or three of them in the 19 I will pick.”

The focus for his team was youth and that showed when he picked Baba Aparajith early. “The vision for the future is have to young cricketers because two years down the line, they will make a name.”

While he was successful in bagging Aparajith, Chandrasekhar missed out on selecting Baba Indrajith. “I needed him (Aparajith) desperately. I’d have loved to have had the twins though,” Chandrasekhar said.

The draft can be quite taxing on a team. “You’re in such a rush to fix your team and there are only 19 to pick. You have to pick two under-19 and two district players. It’s a fascinating thing from that point of view,” Chandrasekhar said.

Chandrasekhar now steps into the owner’s shoes, donning a new role in the sport. He has been a player and a commentator in the past. “It was a lot easier being a player. It was slightly more difficult being a commentator. The third thing is extremely difficult although this is what I would want to make it work,” he said humorously.

Photo attached: VB Chandrasekhar (Courtesy TNPL)

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