CCCA-Ananda Ramanathan U13 Tournament 21st Aug

CCCA-Ananda Ramanathan U13 Tournament 21st Aug

Match between Cricket Drome and DAV Mylapore
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DAV won the toss and elected to bat
118 runs for 4 wickets in 20 overs

Target 119 to win the match

Cricket Drome Batting
119 runs for 6 wickets in 19.4 overs

Cricket Drome won the match by 4 wickets

Score cards

Match Photos


CCCA-AnandaRamanathanU13_21stAug-12 Cricket Drome CCCA-AnandaRamanathanU13_21stAug-10 CCCA-AnandaRamanathanU13_21stAug-9 CCCA-AnandaRamanathanU13_21stAug-8 CCCA-AnandaRamanathanU13_21stAug-7 CCCA-AnandaRamanathanU13_21stAug-6 CCCA-AnandaRamanathanU13_21stAug-5 CCCA-AnandaRamanathanU13_21stAug-4 CCCA-AnandaRamanathanU13_21stAug-3 CCCA-AnandaRamanathanU13_21stAug-2 CCCA-AnandaRamanathanU13_21stAug-1 CCCA-AnandaRamanathanU13_21stAug Cricket Drome bating score card DAV Batting score card

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