117 year old VENKATARAMANA AYURVEDA DISPENSARY services patients with a Free Dispensary with Ayurvedic medicines

If you do believe in Ayurveda then this is one of the oldest and best place for treatment.
Consultations are available both in morning and evening. Similar in the case of free dispensary. A token amount of Rs.5/- is to be paid for consultation. After consulting the doctor one can buy the medicines as per prescription or get one day’s medicines free at free dispensary times.

There are trained doctors who treat patients exceptionally well. Venkataramana dispensary prepares their own medicines. Generally Ayurveda medicines are expensive as they are made of herbs which are scanty. A patient can get massages done for joint and back issues as outpatients which are very effectively handled by trained professionals.

Mr. Ramesh Venkatraman says that “the allopathy doctors suggested me surgery for stricture in urethra but the ayurvedic medicines suggested by Venkataramana Ayurveda Dispensary had eased my Acute Urine Retention problem in 4 weeks. Doctors work with dedication & they listen to the patient’s problems patiently“.

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