From a humble beginning in Mumbai Matunga, today a 30+ retail stores in Chennai and many other parts of the world – Giri Trading Agency, the one stop religious super store!

It was way back in the early 1950s that a South Indian who was living in Mumbai had to look out for a religious book confining to a particular tradition belonging to a sect of South Indian brahmins, but he could not get it anywhere in Mumbai in those days. With that as the new beginning, what started as a small book store then has grown to become a multi product religious super store with pooja items, gift items, all kinds of books in different languages, provisions etc.

It is one of the most sought after store by all South Indian Hindus for any of the books, lamps, pooja items and specific to any religious functions such as Navaratri, Homams, sandhyavandhanam items etc. You can just walk into any of the Giri Trading and walk out with the items for any major religious function at home. There is also the online store which will ship all items that are legally allowed to any part of the world!

The stores are managed and run by its founders sons and other family members successfully for over 50 years now.

There are over 100,000 products that are available costing from Rs. 5 to few lakhs of rupees!

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